Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Lodge

I suppose I didn't realize how long it had been since I last posted but here is an update about the Lodge in Deer Run RV Resort (if I have any readers left.)  It's a cozy home for me and I love staying home.  I have some terrific neighbors and there are many activities.

Just as a reminder of what the Lodge looked like when she arrived:

My building is my lifesaver.  I now have a washer/dryer inside.  No hot water but it's all good.

I soon found out how necessary it is to have the Lodge stabilized.  It seems that every time someone walked or rolled over in another room the whole place would shake.  Hence:
Cinder blocks do the trick.
All in all there are six pillars and...
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...additional ones for the two slides.
In addition to the stability I had the toilet plumbed straight into the sewer and the black tank dropped so I don't have to fool with black/grey water emptying.

Then to the underpinning to dress it up a bit.

And to add a little protection to the top, I ordered a Carolina Carport to finish off all my work for the season.
The 12 X 41' topper arrives.

The front gets put in.

Then the rear.
A little grooming has to take place.
All the supports go up.

Good thing it wasn't windy.

The sheeting panels go on.
Getting close to finished.
Add my little sunshine and...
The finished product.
This cover should provide much need shade and protection for me next summer.  That is all I will do for the season.  Next year, I'll put in two ceiling fans and a fire pit and I should be good to go for my TN home.  Guess I forgot to mention I had 5 tons of gravel delivered before the carport could be put on.  So spreading all that gravel did not fare too well for my old body.  Ugh.

For now, I'm in FL at the Thousand Trails cg for a couple of weeks and then I'll move into Citrus Ridge at Margie & Roger's RV lot and be ready for a wonderful winter.


Margie and Roger said...

Good photos showing all the hard work that went into your new home. Still can't believe you finished out the gravel. It all looks great and a welcoming place to call home. See ya' soon at Citrus Ridge. Good luck today. Maybe we can meet up for lunch or dinner soon. Bahama Breeze or Sweet Tomatoes maybe. Our first mystery lunch is the 14th.

Barbie and Jeff Boldt said...

You didn't lose us as readers Carolyn. We were wondering what you have been up to lately. Enjoy Florida... we have been in Crystal River since this past Sunday. Weeds galore to get rid of and I am almost done with it. Take Care.
Barbie and Jeff and Kozmo

Beckles said...

Great update! What a difference in your home now and when I saw it in early summer!

PatB said...

Your Tennessee home site looks good. Enjoy your time in FL

Liz said...

Interesting to see all the stages of improvement. Your place looks fantastic and comfortable.