Sunday, July 15, 2012

A General Catch-Up

Oh yes, it has been awhile and I have been busy.  I am back to my home base in Crossville TN and there has been so much to do that this post will probably be a pictorial, if I can remember where I left off.

When I returned Linda and Roger, my TN neighbors, had cleaned up my yard of all the old leaves, mowed, opened the Lodge up and had me ready to move in.  Roy and Logan brought the Whim up and unloaded that for me.

I went to Benchmark for my physical therapy for three days a week.  Linda cooked my meals and early on I slept a lot.  I have recovered quite well and am getting on with fixing up my Lodge to be the way I want it.
Linda, my neighbor, spreads wildflower seeds across from our houses.

We thought while it was raining would be a good time.
TN hubby, Roger is tinting my windows in the front that gets so much evening sun.

Looking like it's going to make a big difference.
Oh, okay, so it's a job for two people so Linda steps in to help.

This is what the window looks like tinted & yes, it made a huge difference.
Sedona is checking all the plants out.

We planted real plants across the street and everyone has asked what's buried there.

My new steps!!  OMG, they helped so much getting in and out of the Lodge.
Another view of the steps and my pretty flowers. But I didn't get yard of the month.

Here you can barely see some of our seeds coming up.  But at 101 degrees they didn't last long.

My new kaladioscope bush.
My sign but it didn't last long in this location.

I love my etching I got at the flea market in FL of hummingbirds & Calla lillies.
Linda and I work well as a team and we are trying to get something to grow in our forest across the street.  Too many rocks and roots underneath to get things planted deep enough and then our seeds didn't make it because it's been hotter than blue blazes.
Neighbor Debbie brings her push mower over to show us.

I think Linda likes it but push a little more Linda.
Ah, yes, that's it Debbie, just a little more.
Scooter, Linda's dog and Sedona's friend seems to like the fresh lawn.
Linda and I decided to go in together and buy one of these mowers and I've used it a couple of times and it just really takes me back to years and years ago.


PatB said...

It's good to see you back blogging... I love your new home !

PatB said...

I love your new home !

It's good to see you back blogging.

Beckles said...

Ok, I'll try again!! Wrote a comment and then couldn't get in to my account. Let me see if my feeble mind remembers what I wrote!!

It's so good to see a new post (finally!) and to hear that you are feeling better!! Since I've used your previous steps, I can appreciate (even from the pix)your awesome steps!! Good decision to add them to The Lodge!!

Plants and flowers look great!! Enjoy your life as you are able to get out and do stuff again!!